JLL’s Head of Marketing, Communications & PR on Branding Buildings

Experts say that real estate marketing and -branding still stands in infancy. So, where to start building a strong real estate brand to get big results?

JLL‘s Head of Marketing, Communication & PR, Anke Busser, answers: “To build brand credibility, you need to have one clear message on the brand identity. Brand identity is not just up to the marketeer to decide on. The message of brand identity should be embraced on all levels.

The starting point of getting clear on the brand identity is to take a look at the intrinsic values of the property-owner. This sum of intrinsic values, or ‘brand-DNA’, describes what really distinguishes one building from another.

In the ideal scenario, people that will be involved with the building are selected on the brand-DNA. This way, every party has a similar intrinsic motivation to exude that particular brand identity. From the right people to a beautiful website, everything needs to be in alignment with the experience you have when stepping into the building.”

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