Office Art Services


Our art agency Workingspace with Art helps you, as a commercial real estate – or hotel professional, to create a signature ambience and radiance for your office buildings.

To help you positively influence your client’s – and guest’s impression of your business, we source beautiful artworks from various art galleries, renown artists, talented upcoming artists, and high quality art manufacturers.



Your Advantages

  • Marketing. We work from a marketing perspective, and therefore select artworks that enforce your corporate identity.
  • Unique system. We use a unique system to effectively translate your desired ambience to a selection of artworks. In 45 minutes, you will be personally guided through this system.
  • Unlimited. Because your request is central for Workingspace with Art, we established independent collaborations with a variety of high quality art suppliers, and are therefore not limited by the options of just one art collection.
  • Creativity & Flexibility. In consultation with you, we find the most suitable method to bring art in your buildings.

Examples of methods to bring art in your buildings are: purchase or short-lease of original artworks, purchase of art reproductions, and if the location allows this method, even a possibility to earn more than you spent on having an art collection in your building.


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