FLY & KISS with Eduard Schaepman

“Life must be more fun, and working at the office must be SEXY again.” This has been Eduard Schaepman’s slogan for years now. After bringing Regus Benelux to heights as a CEO for over 9 years, he knows like no other what works when it comes to office concepts. 
Schaepman has profound interest in human needs and what drives people: “Most marketeers do not apply psychology enough; real estate does not apply psychology at all. People work best at home at the kitchen table. So, we imitate the kitchen table.” No surprise that Schaepman’s Tribes, Inspiring Workplaces won the National Flexible Workplace Contest after being on the market for just 7 months. 
Mastery embraces simplicity, and Schaepman’s methods are surprisingly simple: FLY and KISS. Schaepman explains: “First Love Yourself. You have to be open before you are able to communicate, and have something to give to another. And then KISS: Keep It Stupid Simple.”
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