ING Art Management: The Power of a Corporate Art Collection

ING Collection’s Head Curator and Chairman of Vereniging BedrijfsCollecties Nederland (society of corporate art collections), Sanne ten Brink, notices achanging role of art in corporate environments:
“The role of art is shifting from creating a positive workplace to stating the corporate identity. A corporate art collection expresses who we actually are as an organization. Art’s corporate role is ‘moving closer to the roots’, so to speak.

The power of a corporate art collection is in the connection with society; which is different than the aim of a museological art collection. Interaction between artworks and their surroundings is
therefore highly important.
For instance, artwork in an central hall of a office building is the first contact between the organization and the outside world. Therefore you may want to make more of a statement in the artwork that is placed in a central hall. In ING’s case, we make an art-statement that ‘ING is bold and daring’ which reflects ING’ s strategic focus on innovation and its entrepreneurial DNA.
Furthermore, in the coffee area you will find more experimential art. Experimential art evokes a response, and provides food for thought or an introduction for conversation. ING-employees are also allowed to select artwork that expresses the image that they want to establish towards the customer. Art has always had an important place in ING employees’ work experience.”

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