Michiel de Zeeuw: Real Estate Interior Advice

I had the pleasure to interview with Michiel de Zeeuw about creating the WOW-factor for commercial real estate. For the non-Dutch readers: Michiel de Zeeuw is a gifted interior architect, successful owner of The Grey Space, and a known Dutch television presentor of ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘RTL Woonmagazine amongst others.

Michiel de Zeeuw’s piece of advice for commercial real estate: “You do not create a WOW-factor by adding a single object; you create a WOW-factor by finding a unique object or aspect of your building, and let that uniqueness consistently recur. For instance, in recognizable colors or materials. You really have to search for that uniqueness, for that essence. Also, there has to be a heart in a building. A heart can be a centre piece, that can also serve as a conversation piece.”

As insightful and valuable Michiel’s information was, what has struck me most in meeting him was how down to earth and non pretentious he is. Michiel responds: “When you know who you are and what you offer, you don’t need certain attitudes. Things become easy.”

Check more on The Grey Space at: www.thegreyspace.nl