Art of the Deal

I am happy to announce that I am in the process of writing business book The Art of the Deal, 8 Simple Steps to WOW your Commercial Real Estate Clients.

JDianaLo-A-Njoe the Art of the Deal, 8 Simple Steps to WOW your Commercial Real Estate ClientsIn this book commercial real estate entrepreneurs will learn an 8 step system to enhance their success in exploiting office buildings, by applying right-brain stimuli.

Right-brain stands for qualities like creativity, innovation, holistic thinking, and emotion. Right-brain stimuli examples are: story-telling, community, design, hospitality, and of course ART.

To get you the best content, I am currently co-creating by interviewing 100 inspiring professionals. These professionals thoroughly know how to wow, and contribute to successful real estate.

I appreciate your suggestions on professionals that would also contribute to the book as described below:

“After every crisis, a new era begins. Current commercial real estate vacancies reflect abundant possibility for improvement in going about business.

This easy-to-read book provides a powerful system to successfully enter this new era in real estate enterprising.

Take the opportunity to learn eight simple steps to turn vacant, boring office buildings into vibrant, alive spaces people will be excited to enjoy.”

Let me know in the comment box which professionals you think should most definitely be in the book!

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